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Redeem ThemeForest template purchase

Once you've purchased a Webflow template from Themeforest, redeem and access it from inside the Webflow Designer.

Note: We’re transitioning to Workspaces, and are in the process of updating our content. Visit the Workspaces blog post to read more about these updates and changes, or visit our updated lesson about redeeming a ThemeForest template purchase. You can also learn how to check if your account is on Workspaces.
This video features an old UI. Updated version coming soon!

If you've purchased a Webflow template from ThemeForest, you can redeem your template in Webflow and access it from inside the Designer.

In this lesson:
  1. Connect your ThemeForest account
  2. Get your Webflow redemption code
  3. ‍Get your ThemeForest Purchase Code
  4. Redeem your template

Connect your ThemeForest account

First, connect your ThemeForest account to your Webflow account in Account settings > Purchases > ThemeForest purchases.

The Purchases tab is highlighted in the Account settings dashboard. A connect to ThemeForest blue button is also highlighted.
Connect to ThemeForest
An authorization pop up window from Envato. There are two button responses allowed, approve and deny.
Authorize Webflow to connect to your ThemeForest account

Get your Webflow redemption code

  1. Browse for a Webflow theme on ThemeForest
  2. Download the theme you like. Choose All Files and Documentation.
The download button for Magic - Strong Webflow Template is pressed. Three buttons are in a dropdown menu format. The All files & documentation link is highlighted.
  1. Open the index.html file in a browser
A finder window has several folders and files. The index.html file is highlighted.
  1. Copy the Purchase Code
A purchase confirmation pop up window from Envato includes the reference code. This reference code is highlighted.

Get your ThemeForest Purchase Code

  1. Download the theme again. This time, choose License Certificate and Purchase Code.
The download button displays a dropdown menu with three links. The license certificate & purchase code (text) is highlighted.
  1. Copy the Purchase Code from within the .txt file
A file preview in a finder window displays the text contained. The item purchase code is highlighted.

Redeem your template

Paste your codes in the Redeem ThemeForest purchases form and redeem the Purchase.

Two form text input fields are highlighted. These two fields are for the Webflow Redemption code and the Themeforest purchase code.
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