Intro to the Webflow API

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Creating webhooks with the CMS API is a great way to have Webflow "talk" to third party applications. It lets you programmatically add, update, and delete items from your Collections. The documentation for the CMS API outlines the basic calls/requests that you’re able to make, and also provides additional information about how you can structure and create content in the Webflow CMS.

For non developers
You can use Zapier to integrate Webflow with hundreds of third-party apps [↗], without thinking about APIs or code or any of that developer speak.

Generating an API access token

To generate an API access token:

  1. Go to your project settings → Integrations → API Access
  1. Generate an API token
  1. Copy the generated token to your clipboard
IMPORTANT: Make sure to save your API access token in a safe location. You won't be able to see it again in your dashboard.

Adding Webhooks

You can create new webhooks right from your Project settings→ Integrations tab.

Create webhooks based on form submissions or site publications.
Create webhooks based on form submissions or site publications.