Updating your email address

You can update the email address associated with your Webflow account from account settings → email settings tab.

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  • Updating your email address
  • Moving an email address from one account to another

Updating your email address

If you want to change the email associatted with your Webflow account, go to your account email settings and replace the email address. Once you save the setting, you'll recieve a verification email to confirm the update and your email address.

Moving an email from one account to another

If you want to move one of your email addresses (ex. myemail@mail.com) from Account A to Account B:

  1. Update the email address for account A. Replace it with any other email you own. (myemail@mail.com → myotheremail@mail.com)
  2. Verify the email change through the verification email you'll receive once you request the update
  3. Update the email address for account B with the original email address from Account A (myemail@mail.com)