Modify a Collection

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This video features an old UI. Updated version coming soon!
Modify a Collection

Once you’ve created a Collection, you can go back and edit collection items, fields, and other settings—even after the project has been published. This article will cover:

  1. Edit Collection settings
  2. Edit individual Collection items
  3. Bulk-edit Collection items
  4. Delete Collections

Edit Collection settings

To access the Collection settings, open a Collection in the CMS and click on Settings. You can also click on the settings icon next to the Collection in the Collection Panel.

Collection name

The singular and plural versions of the collection name can be edited at any time after a Collection has been created.

Collection fields

You can add, edit, or remove any fields in your Collection. In each field you can modify the label and help text. Customizing the help text can make it clear to Collaborators what each field is intended for.

Learn more about Collection Fields.


Manage Collection and Field connections

The connections manager in a Collection's settings allows you to see where a Collection Field is connected to in your designs. To access the connection manager, open the Collection settings, scroll all the way down, and click the button labeled "view connections".

Here, you can:

  • See all the instances where a Collection and its Fields are connected to on your pages
  • Disconnect any instance with one click
  • Jump to the page in the Designer where the connection exists
  • Jump to the specific element in the Designer that’s connected to a Collection Field

Once you remove a connection from an element, the element falls back to the default content associated with that element. For example, a paragraph will show the default placeholder text for the paragraph element.

Edit individual Collection items

A Collection is a living, breathing database—it’s constantly growing as you add more items to your Collection. You can make changes to existing Collection items or create new ones at any time in the Designer or the Editor.


Bulk-edit Collection items

Especially when working with a large database of content, bulk-editing can be a lifesaver. You can sort or search your content to determine what to edit.

Sort & search

With a Collection open, select the pin icon in the top right corner of the list to show or hide fields in the Collection. You can sort alphabetically or numerically by clicking on the column heading.


Using the search bar is another quick way to find exactly what you want to edit.


To edit multiple items, click the Select button in the top action bar to activate bulk editing.

Select items (SHIFT-click to select a range of items) and perform any of these bulk actions:  

  • Draft - useful if some items are not yet ready to be published
  • Archive - pulls them from the project, but keeps them accessible from the CMS in the Designer or the Editor
  • Delete - permanently removes the Collection items

Delete collections

You can delete a Collection when you don’t need it anymore. This will also delete the Collection template page from your project.

To delete an entire collection, you need to:

  1. Remove all connections to this Collection and its Fields
  2. Delete all Collection items from the Collection
  3. Delete the Collection from the Collection settings

Option 1 — remove connections but keep the Collection List designs on your pages

If you wish to keep all your Collection lists and the designs within them on any of your pages where they exist (except for that Collection’s template page which will be deleted):

  1. Click "view connections" in the Collection settings
  2. Disconnect each Field, then each Collection list
  3. Delete all Collection items from the collection using the bulk delete option
  4. Wait for the project to be saved
  5. Delete the collection

Option 2 — delete the Collection Lists with all content from your pages

If you want to remove all the designs in Collection lists on all pages:

  1. View the connections to your Collection
  2. Disconnect all Collection Lists listed in the modal 
  3. Delete all Collection items from the collection using the bulk delete option
  4. Wait for the project to be saved
  5. Delete the collection

Delete all Collections (Remove CMS from your project)

Deleting all CMS collections from your project will unlock Basic Hosting for that project unless you have Ecommerce collections which cannot be removed.

To remove all CMS from your site, delete each and every Collection in your project following the steps to delete a Collection above.

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