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You can manage your Client Billing account from Account settings → Billing tools. You can also manage the Client Billing settings of each project from Project settings → Billing → Client Billing.

In this lesson
  1. Edit your Client Billing account settings
  2. Edit Client Billing settings of a project
  3. Cancel Client Billing for a project

Edit your Client Billing account settings

If you haven't created a Client Billing account yet, check out setting up Client Billing.

To manage your Client Billing account settings, go to Account settings → Billing tools and click the pencil icon. Here, you'll be able to edit some of your Client Billing account settings. Make sure to save your changes.

Edit your Client billing settings
Why can't I edit every field after initial setup?

If your information is already validated, certain fields that pertain to your identity may not be editable.

Need to know
If you make any changes, your Client Billing account's status will change to "pending verification". Verification usually takes 2 to 3 days, but you can add clients via their sites' Billing tabs.
Can I delete my Client Billing account?

You cannot delete your Client Billing account after you've set up clients. 

Learn more or contact support for more info.

Edit Client Billing settings of a project

You can also manage Client Billing on each of your sites from Project settings → Billing → Client Billing. Just click edit, and update the fields you want to change. For example, you can change the monthly or annual profit, update your client's email address, or customize invoices.

Learn more about Client settings.

Click edit and update the fields you want to change.

Then, update your client's details to save your changes.

Update client to save your changes
Update client to save your changes.

Cancel Client Billing for a project

You can cancel Client Billing on any of your hosted sites from your project's billing tab.

⚠️ Before you delete a client
If your client has already added their payment information, all hosting related information is tied to the client. So, deleting the client from the project will instantly cancel any hosting subscription on that site. When hosting is canceled, the site will be unpublished, the custom domains and any collaborators will be removed from the project settings.

Delete a client

  1. Go to Project settings → Billing → Client Billing
  2. Edit the Client Billing settings
  3. Delete the Client
  1. Delete the Customer in the confirmation modal
Deleting a customer from a site's billing settings
Next step

After you delete a client who has already added their payment information, you'll need to: