You can use the Href prefix setting in your Project settings to use Webflow Hosting in combination with an existing hosting setup. This sets a prefix for all internal page links.

For example, if you have a node.js / Ruby on Rails / Python application, or even an existing WordPress site, but you want to create a blog with Webflow CMS, you can set up a Webflow "sub-site" and use the href prefix to keep your links working.

How to have Webflow host a part of your website

In this example, let's say you have a blog you want to create in Webflow, but you want it to be served on the same domain as your main site.

  1. Create a project in Webflow. We'll call it for this example, you can call it whatever you'd like.
  2. Add a Site plan to this site
  3. Install a reverse proxy on top of your web server. You can use nginx, node-proxy, or rails-reverse-proxy, depending on what web server you use.
  4. Create a rule that proxies all requests to and* to your Webflow subdomain,
  5. In the Acme blog Project Settings → custom code → Advanced settings, set the Href prefix to /blog. This will prefix all hrefs in your site to have "/blog," so the links are now relative to the domain.
  6. Publish your site!
Setting an Href prefix to host part of your site with Webflow
Project Settings → Custom code → Advanced settings → Href prefix
Good to know
This won't affect external links, mail or phone links, or links that get their value from the link, email, or phone fields.