Click trigger interaction (legacy)

This article features the legacy interface for Interactions, which you can activate in the Designer by using the switch at the top of the Interactions Panel. To learn about the new Interactions Panel, head to our Interactions and Animations Course.

The click trigger lets you add an interaction when someone clicks a button, link, or other interactive element. 

When you create a click interaction, you can define different effects for the first and second clicks.

Common use cases

You’ll usually use the click interaction to affect another element on the page. Using the above example, the interaction is actually placed on the Button, not on the hidden text field. The Button is simply using an interaction that affects a separate element on the page (i.e. the Hidden Text Box).

Click here to read through more information on using interactions to affect different elements on the page. Or you can watch this video, demonstrating an interaction that uses this feature.

Why you’d use a second click

Second clicks usually undo the original click effect, like a toggle. Think of it as opening a box (first click), then closing the box (second click).