Duplicate a project

From your Site Settings, click on the Duplicate Site icon in the top bar.

The UI in this lesson may seem different if you've enables the Style Panel Beta! This content will be updated soon!
This video features an old UI. Updated version coming soon!
This video features an old UI. Updated version coming soon!

You may want to duplicate your project for various reasons. You can do that in 2 ways:

  • In your project settings, click on the duplicate site icon in the top bar
Duplicate a project in Webflow
  • In your dashboard, click the ellipsis () beneath your project thumbnail. Then, click duplicate in the project menu. Confirm in the modal by clicking Duplicate again.
Duplicate a project in Webflow
Need to know
Your project, styles, pages, assets, CMS will be copied to a new project. You can edit the subdomain and the name of your new project after it has been created. Any custom code, custom fonts, and your favicon & webclip will also be copied to the new duplicate project.
All other project-wide configurations and settings such as form notification information and form submissionsVersions, Collaborators, Billing, Google Analytics Code will be reset to default. 

Browser support

Can I Use ? Data on support for the feature across the major browsers from caniuse.com.