Webflow Hosting gives you access to the fastest and most scalable hosting technology on the market — just one click away. All sites hosted on Webflow take advantage of a hosting infrastructure built to handle millions of page views a day, with less than 100ms response time. Sites hosted with Webflow give you a completely managed solution, so you don't have to worry about applying security patches, downtime, or scalability. We handle it all for you! 

Our hosting product is built on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS), with several redundancies in place. Our Amazon servers are regularly monitored for unauthorized access and audited. Your website also benefits from two Tier 1 CDNs (content delivery networks), so it's guaranteed to load fast all over the world. Learn more about Webflow Hosting.

The Webflow platform is stable. For detailed uptime reports, check out status.webflow.com.

In this guide, we cover:

  • The Hosting plans
  • Adding, upgrading, or downgrading a Hosting plan
  • Canceling a Hosting plan
To manage your Webflow account Plan, read Managing your Webflow plan.

1. The Hosting plans

Currently, Webflow offers 3 hosting plans:

  • Basic hosting
  • CMS hosting
  • Business hosting

Basic Hosting

Basic Hosting gives you the ability to point a custom domain to your Webflow site and have it securely stored on Amazon Web Servers and delivered over the Fastly Network.

CMS Hosting

CMS Hosting provides everything Basic Hosting does, plus a fully functional database for storing dynamic content and access to the Editor, which lets you update existing content and create new content right on your live website.

Business Hosting

Business Hosting offers ten free collaborators, plus a Global CDN with extra data centers in Asia and Oceania to provide faster page loads for global audiences.

View a full comparison between the Hosting plans

2. Adding, upgrading, or downgrading a Hosting plan

You can add, upgrade, or downgrade your Hosting plan from inside your Project Settings.

Hosting plans are billed separately from your Webflow account subscription. Learn more about hosting plans and fees.

Current hosting plan

You can see your current hosting plan under the Hosting tab in your Project Settings.

Adding or upgrading a hosting plan

To add or upgrade your hosting plan:

  1. Open the Project Settings of the site you want to add hosting to
  2. Go to the Hosting tab
  3. Click Add Hosting
  4. Select the billing type: Annual or Monthly
Annual pricing gives you the ability to pay for a plan upfront at a discounted rate. Paying for a plan upfront can save up to 20% compared to paying monthly.
  1. Select the Hosting plan you want
‍Add or upgrade a Webflow hosting plan
Add or upgrade a hosting plan
Sites that use CMS features require CMS or Business Hosting
  1. OPTIONAL: Set up Client Billing
  2. Click Add Hosting
Check the billing period, the amount charged, and the card charged before adding the hosting plan
Before you add hosting, make sure that (1) you are adding the right hosting plan to the right project, (2) you have selected the right billing cycle (annual or monthly), (3) the amount you will be charged is correct, (4) the card being charged is the right one.
Unless you add Client Billing, hosting fees will be charged on the default credit card associated with your account.

Switching billing cycle on your current plan

If you are on a monthly plan, you can switch to an annual billing cycle on your current plan. Just select Annual and then click Switch to yearly.

Switch to an annual hosting cycle
You cannot switch from an annual cycle to a monthly cycle on the current plan.

Downgrading a Hosting plan

You can downgrade your hosting plan from Business hosting to CMS hosting if you use CMS in your project. You can downgrade from any of the higher plans to the Basic plan if you aren't using any CMS in your project. To cancel your hosting plan, see the tutorial 3 below. 

To downgrade your plan:

  1. Open your Project Settings
  2. Go to the Hosting tab
  3. Click on Downgrade under the plan you want to downgrade to
  4. OPTIONAL: Set up Client Billing
  5. Confirm the switch to the lower plan
You cannot switch from an annual cycle to a monthly cycle when downgrading your hosting plan.

Transfering a Hosting Plan

Currently, it's not possible to transfer a site's Hosting plan from one site to another using the Dashboard UI, but this is something we plan to support in the future.

In the meantime, the best thing to do is cancel the Hosting plan for the old site and start a separate Hosting plan on the new site.

For more details, contact support.

3. Canceling a Hosting plan

You can cancel your hosting plan at any moment from you project settings.

Canceling a hosting plan will immediately remove your custom domains and takes the site offline.

To cancel your hosting plan:

  1. Open the project settings of the hosted project
  2. Go to the billing tab
  3. Cancel the Hosting subscription