Website password

Set username and password from your project settings, go to the Hosting page, set the username and password you want to use in the password.

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This video features an old UI. Updated version coming soon!

You can control who can see your site by requiring a password on all of a site’s domains. Site password protection is available on all hosted sites as well as on all projects if you're on a  Pro plan or Team plan.

‍Learn all about password protection, check out the guide called: Password protecting your site or web pages
In this lesson
  1. Setting a website password
  2. ‍Testing the website password
  3. Customizing the password page

Setting a website password

When you set a password for your website, your site visitors will see your custom designed password page when they visit any page, and will need to enter the password you set before proceeding. Sites with hosting subscriptions can also set passwords for individual pages.

To set a website wide password:

  1. Go to General tab in your Project Settings
  2. Scroll to the Website Password section
  3. Enable Password Protection
  4. Set the password you want to use and Set the password
  5. Publish your site
Set a password for your entire site under the General tab of your Project Settings
Need to know 
Setting a site-wide password will overwrite passwords set on pages or folders within that project.

Testing the website password

Once you publish your website, any visitor will need this password to access it. If you cannot see the password page, clear your browser’s cache and perform a hard-refresh of the page.

Let your clients know 
Even if you've added a website password, your site may come up in search results, but people won’t be able to access it without the password. Also, browsers will try to remember log-in credentials. So, if a client logs in once, and isn’t asked for credentials later, it’s probably because their browser saved their username and password.

Customizing the password page

When you set a website password, your site visitors will see your custom designed password page when they visit your website and will need to enter the password you set before proceeding.

Learn more: About the password page and how you can customize it

Browser support

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