Add and manage products and categories

Learn how to add and manage products and product categories.

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This video features an old UI. Updated version coming soon!

You can add products to your Webflow store and organize them in categories in many different ways. You can do this manually in the Ecommerce panel by either creating them one by one or in bulk by importing a CSV file. You can also import them automatically by integrating external sources.

In this lesson
  1. Create individual products and categories in the product manager
  2. Organize products in categories
  3. Manage products and categories
  4. Update products and categories
  5. Explore more ways of adding products and categories

Create individual products and categories in the product manager

You can add products manually to your products collection in the Ecommerce panel in either the Designer or the Editor.

Ecommerce → Products → + New product

Adding products is very similar to adding CMS collection items. You can create an item, input the data in the appropriate fields, then choose to create the product, publish it immediately, or save it as draft.

You can also create product variations by defining option sets. Then you can update the details of each variant.


Organize products in categories

You can organize products by adding them to categories. You can either create the categories in the categories collection, or create them from the categories field in the product item detail setting.

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Manage products and categories

At any moment, you can delete or archive a product or category from the collection item detail setting. You can also duplicate a product to quickly create a similar product.

In some cases, like when you’ve started with an Ecommerce template, you may want to delete a large number of products to replace them with yours. To do that you can use bulk actions, just like with CMS collections, to select all products and delete them with a single click. You can do this with categories as well.

Bulk actions also allow you to draft items, archive them, or stage drafted items to publish.

You can also export your products and save a backup of them in CSV format.

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Update products and categories

You can update any product or category at any time, then choose to stage it for publishing, publish it immediately, or save it as a draft to unpublish it on the next site-wide publish.

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Explore more ways of adding and updating products and categories

You can also import your products automatically using a CSV file, or by integrating with external sources using services like Zapier or the Webflow API.

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